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Jennifer K. Bauer has interviewed sword swallowers, saddle makers and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is the editor of Inland 360, a weekly culture magazine for north Idaho and eastern Washington that prints in the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Contact her at jkbauer@inland360.com or (208) 848-2263.

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  1. Lois Gardner

    We knew Gary when he was in Viroqua, WI. Always friendly, pleasant memories of him. So good to read this article and ‘see’ him again. I hope the show will be played again. We would love to see it.

    1. Bear Claw

      Good lord it’s good to hear from you and Glenn. I certainly enjoyed you folks in the old days and had a great time with Glenn’s hounds. They were awesome. Please reply to this address. : djlynn@wildblue.net for Bear Claw (Gary)

  2. Serena Byers

    I love this show. I hope to see more. I find it very interesting .

  3. Bob Thelen

    Bearclaw was a dear, dear friend for many years when we were in our late teens and early 20s.He was even in my wedding! It is so awesome to see his current adventures. I have no problem believing that he is happy beyond belief. It just seems right for him.

    1. Bear Claw

      Dear Lord it’s great to hear from you Bob. Hope this finds you alive and well. We certainly had some grand times heading to La Cross in the old days. Are you still on the farm milking cows? Please reply to this address: djlynn@wildblue.net for Bear Claw (Gary)

      1. Kyle helgeson

        Hey bear claw Kyle Helgeson here. Had no clue where you have been since we went elk hunting last. I was in the kitchen and I recognized your voice on tv , swear to god I about tipped over. Awesome to see your doing what I know you love! Digging out all my pictures to show my boys. What a boatload of good memories! Hopefully see you again in the future, take care.

  4. Travis

    Man to live in the footsteps of this man would be an honor. The simple things in life are so important but yet forgotte. My hat’s off to this man. May mother nature guide him and keep him safe.


    Love this show!I also was struck with Mountain man fever but I t was back before Jeri ah Johnson came out.I would read books on Kit Carson,Jim Bridger,Davy Crockett,Ralf Edwards who was I triduced to me by a n ook my older brother read and told me about how this little man established a homestead and all his adventures.Oh goll y what we’re the other guys???Jeb Stuart,Jedidah Smith,I use to go out by mysekf in Louisiana and take my dog down the railroad tracks at nite pretending I was a mountain man lols.I grew up too quick and soon women entered my life ..if only I knew what I know now! ; )) I still have ambitions to do some back packing at least one day and just take in at least a week of solitude but in the mountainted (Bayou country is hard to enjoy and water is always dirty and muddy lols..oil n gas have done left their mark unfortunatell …..

  6. Rob

    I love the show, Bear Claw has inspired me to study and get inti the history of the pre 1840 trappers and mountain men. I’ll be getting my first flintlock this summer and going rendezvous as well, (The Santa Fe Trail and Uncompahgre Free Trappers Happy Canyon)

  7. Loretta

    Hi Mick , your special sister here , I think about you often too . I’m glad your happy . I miss you . So enjoyed watching you on TV , Love You 💙 Retta

  8. Michael Hrivnak

    Hello Bear Claw,
    Thank you for sharing your life, and dreams, that most of us will never realize! I, for one, enjoy waving as the rest of the world passes me by. I do not “fit” in this world of today! An artificial world, with artificial people living in it now. Congratulations for trying to turn back the hands of time! Watch your top knot.

  9. Nena Beye

    Some think I am crazy, but would love to live the life you are doing. Even though I am female, my grandfather showed me many things. How to hunt, and dress out game, the value of a good horse and dog. He showed me how to look for food of all kinds. What to use for medicine. How to tan hides, make tools and so much more. My grandfather never called me by my real name like the other grand kids, he always called me Dude. I never knew why but I sure miss him. Love the show and how things should be done with good values and manners. I am 58 now, but if I was younger I would love to try to apply all my knowledge and brave raw nature. Wish you all the best, God bless and good health.
    Big fan…. Nena

  10. Darlene Summerfield

    Love to watch bear claw am going to Idaho in August have been in those mounains but want to go again and look for bear claw. LOVE YOU BEAR CLAW YOU BE CAREFUL OUT THERE ANS LISTEN FOR MY BULL HORN

  11. Ashley

    I am from the westby/coon valley area in Wisconsin. My family rendezvoused a few years and my dad still has his one poler. I think I remember bearclaw winter camping with my dad at the ski jump years ago. Glad to see life treating you well. Rendezvous was always my favorite past time!

  12. Jelly

    Bear claw is awesome……lived in nyc all my life & watching him on the show always calms & soothes me

  13. Roger

    Bear claw I meet you at several rendezvous you probably don’t remember me it’s good to see your doing well keep your powder dry.

  14. Eric

    I enjoy the show, Glad to see another season.

  15. Walen

    My sister came to visit me this weekend and we got talking about shows that we love to watch and she told me about Bear Claw, and I said I love that show, she then then told me he is from Viroqua Wisconsin as we are. I was floored she then told me he use to date Coni Morrison. If he is from there you know he is a great guy. Good luck to you my fellow Viroquian

  16. Dave Taylor

    Great show. Would like to meet Bear Claw some day. May Creator be with him always.

  17. bill honea

    love the show, often thought of doing the same. got married at 26 and just turned 70. would still love to try it for a while, but think my wife and 5 kids would really think i lost it. what the heck, i might thy it. maybe not so rugged as Bear Claw..may the Good Lord bless you bear claw. a friend at heart.

  18. staffordbob31@gmail.com

    Love the show, would love to try a year outside the grid.


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