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Jennifer K Bauer

Jennifer K. Bauer has interviewed sword swallowers, saddle makers and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is the editor of Inland 360, a weekly culture magazine for north Idaho and eastern Washington that prints in the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Contact her at jkbauer@inland360.com or (208) 848-2263.

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  1. Kim Barnes


    –Sayantani Dasgupta (originally from India, now in Moscow): Two new books of personal essays—OSCILLATION and THE HOUSE OF NAILS: NOTES ON A NEW DELHI CHILDHOOD.

    –Nance van Winckel (Spokane): BOOK OF NO LEDGE is an “altered” book, including replacement text and graphics for pages of a 1947 encyclopedia. Title is.

    –Clare MacQueen (Seattle) compiled two KYSO Flash anthologies in December 2015, with at least two more forthcoming in 2016.

    –Mollie Hunt’s (Portland) third Crazy Cat Lady mystery, as well as a stand-alone mystery called Placid River Runs Deep.

    –Rachel Toor (Spokane): MISUNDERSTOOD, nonfiction book about rats

    –Robert Michael Pyle’s (Grays River, WA) forthcoming poetry collection is CHINOOK & CHANTERELLES.

    –Jeff Fearnside’s (Corvallis, OR) short story collection, MAKING LOVE WHILE LEVITATING THREE FEET IN THE AIR

    –FOREST UNDER STORY: CREATIVE INQUIRY IN AN OLD_GROWTH FOREST, edited by Nathaniel Brodie, Charles Goodrich, and Frederick J. Swanson

    –McMinnville, Oregon’s Joe Wilkins’ WHEN WE WERE BIRDS

    –Kristy Webster’s (Port Townsend) The Gift of an Imaginary Girl: Coco and Other Stories.

    –Jessamyn Smyth (British Columbia), THE INUGAMI MOCHI

    –Sam Ligon, Spokane: a novel, Among the Dead and Dreaming, and a book of illustrated stories, Wonderland.

    –Hailey, Idaho’s Julie Weston: BASQUE MOON, set in Stanley Basin of Idaho in the 1920s.

    — LOVE GIVE US ONE DEATH: BONNIE AND CLYDE IN THE LAST DAYS by Moscow’s Jeff P. Jones is “the history of love and destruction you didn’t know you needed. In a time of Public Enemies, we see the last legs of a journey between the violent and manic Romeo and Juliet-like pair. The last public outlaws are riding away into their last sunrise, and this book serves as its journal.”

    –Lewiston’s Paula Marie Coomer’s second novel, JAGGED EDGE OF THE SKY

    –MARROW ISLAND by Portland’s Alexis M. Smith.

    1. Kim Barnes

      More poems! Alexandra Teague’s THE WISE AND FOOLISH BUILDERS is fabulous!

  2. Rosemary Daubert

    Thanks, Kim. Moved the picture of you and the fish! Rosemary Daubert

  3. Rosemary Daubert

    Meant to say “loved” not “moved” – so happy for your success. Rosemary

    1. Kim Barnes

      Thank you, Rosemary!

  4. Corinna Nicolaou

    What an amazing list. I’m so honored to be a part of it. Thank you, Kim Barnes. With much gratitude, Corinna Nicolaou (please “like” my author page on FaceBook for all the latest information and conversation about A None’s Story)

  5. Jeff Fearnside

    Thanks so much, Kim, for compiling this fantastic list of Northwest authors and their books! I’m greatly pleased and honored to have my short-story collection MAKING LOVE WHILE LEVITATING THREE FEET IN THE AIR included in your addendum. In case anyone might be interested, here’s the link to its listing on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Love-While-Levitating-Three/dp/1622881036 It’s also available through independent bookstores everywhere!


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