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  1. Stop It Get Some Help

    I hate this app I have had it for two years and my step mom keeps everything blocked all the time even camera! I can’t play games (Understandable) but i can’t text people half the time and it ticks me off

    1. Robbie

      Okay so it’s fairly easy to remove the app, all you have to do is go into settings > general > device management > then click on OurPact and click delete

  2. Anonymous

    Does the message “Ourpact has been removed from your son’s device” show up on the blocker’s phone? I am planning to remove cos the app not only sucks but is really annoying.I mean whoever made this app has no life and is just ruining fun for kids.And if the message does pop up,how do you remove it but at the same time preventing your parents from knowing that you have?

  3. no one

    this app is evil. like bruh i just wanna take a picture of mY DOG WITHOUT ASKING FOR PERMISSION ALL THE TIME. And if i remove it my parents will find out and beat my ass. Smh get this off the App Store.


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