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Ruthie Prasil

A Clarkston mom of six, Prasil survives on stale goldfish crackers and an iPod loaded with Modest Mouse and Built to Spill (with some Macklemore in for kicks), Bravo programming, Happy Hour and spontaneous adventures. She's written for many years on her personal blog but only recently for Inland 360.

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  1. Benji Greenlee

    Or even luckier and get to hang out with a skate with him in a friends private backyard pool. 😉 way to go, Chris! Glad to see you getting recognition you deserve 🙂

  2. Keith

    Wish I would have kept my “El Gato” board from back in the day. Growing up in Colton, me and the boys spent many, many days at the Ranch. I hear Eddy is a minister these days….Heard Allen had some tough times after the park closed. I remember skating that place well after it was closed. tI was truly depressing when the filled it in and built an office building and parking lot over the whole property…..


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