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  1. Trail Enthusiast

    “Horse people” are out on the trail expecting others to accommodate their needs. Instead of saying, hey there’s more people out enjoying these trails, maybe it’s not a great idea to ride here, they write articles that make them the victim. Horses don’t make great trail stakeholders, even with all the nonsense reasoning riders will argue that point. Dog walkers are shamed when they don’t clean up after their dogs on the trail, or have control of their dog. Yet, horses make a huge mess that smells, draws bugs, takes up a large portion of the trail and the rider does nothing to clean up after the horse. If the horse rider loses control of their animal, it’s someone, or something else’s fault. Where’s the accountability? Why doesn’t Karen say in any of her scenarios, I’ll get off my horse to let others by, or try to ride somewhere else during busy times? I grew up in a family with horses for 20 + years, I hike and love to bike. I’ve been a part of all these groups, horse riders are the most selfish, on average. Maybe we should start banning horses from the local trails, with all logical reasoning, it makes sense.

  2. TP

    And car drivers say the same things about motorcyclists, runners, and bicyclists on the roads. Have you ever lived anywhere with a relatively low drawbridge and lots of boaters? Boaters have the right of way, because their vehicle is more difficult to control, and the drivers just have to wait until the bridge is lowered. Same with railroad crossings…the train is more difficult to control, so it has right of way, and the drivers just have to wait until it passes. It’s called cooperation. When using shared spaces, we need to understand one another’s circumstances, and be accommodating to the one in the most challenging position. Then everyone can be safe, with minimal inconvenience all around.


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