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  1. Mike Dietz

    24th 2:00 PM LEWISTON
    Court House side walk at 2:00 PM

    Spearheaded by the Second Amendment Defense Action Group. S.A.D.A.G.

    The Anti gunners are at it again over reaching and lying their way into gun control. Gun owners and anyone who supports our constitutional way of life must stand up and get into the streets like the opposition does. If we don’t they will win. If we stand their agenda will fail.

    S.A.D.A.G. is calling on all gun owners and rights supporters across the nation to rally in their home towns. The time is now to stand.

    BEFORE any gun control can progress certain things need to be done. The Conversation the left wants to have is always one sided, with no compromise and no thought to solutions unless they come back to gun control and infringement on the rights of the people.

    1. Congressional investigative hearings into mass shooting and use of Crisis actors.

    2. They need to clearly lay out what they will replace the Second Amendment with after they gut it.

    3. They need to articulate the steps they will take in defense of citizens should at some future time the government start to oppress the citizenry (more then it already does) Or in the event of Foreign Invasion. Remember Nanking.

    4. They need to prove that their gun control laws will do any better then the laws they ignore that
    leads to the gun violence we see.

    5. Submit to the idea of armed teachers who volunteer for it and armed guards around school Perimeters as solution before any further gun control can be considered.

    Without such action on their behalf we need to stiffen our resolve. If they want our guns let them come take them. Bring your protest signs and all the friends of the Second Amendment you can.
    More event organizer help is needed. If you can help make this a better event or your group wants to co host contact us on Facebook. This rally is planned for the same day March for our lives agitates for gun control in the Capital Washington D.C.

  2. kate

    Thanks for posting this and Best Regards!


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