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  1. Shannon

    All of these reasons you enjoyed your phone break are the reasons we do not have cell phones in our house. Technically we do have a trac phone we use on trips – IF we remember to bring it! It does come in handly once in awhile there, especially if we are meeting up with other people. But no one in our house is contactable 24/7. We leave the house, the phone stays connected to the wall. The internet stays at home too. Need directions for a trip or even for something around town? We look them up and write down or print those directions ahead of time. And if necessary, our cars still have an old-fashioned map in them. Anything else that “needs” to be done can wait until we are home. My kids (10 and 8) are learning (sometimes against the oldest’s desires) that a phone isn’t a necessity in life. Though my kids probably will have phones at some point (because text is how this generation communicates), that time is not yet, not even for my 10 year old. And when it does come, it will ONLY call and text, no internet capability. When they grow up, they can make their own choices. But for now, they can learn that life functions without cell phones or smart phones. The are a useful tool, for sure – but too often they are an over-used, overly-depended on tool that slowly becomes a “necessity” to function.


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